Splendidhand Ltd are here to create bespoke Illustrations, Storyboards and Keyframe images for any and every application.


Splendidhand is the Limited company owned and run by Samuel St.Leger and Saskia Takens-Milne.


Samuel is a Royal Academy trained Illustrator with a passion for comics and illustration in general.

He has been providing character designs, concept art, illustrations, keyart, storyboards and practical assistance to the creative industry for over ten years.


Splendidhand have concepted and storyboarded some huge projects and also created final works for some heavy-weight projects; from a serialised motion-comic to a seven-foot animatronic fur suit,

from a cinematic trailer set in a post-apocalyptic world shot with hundreds of extras to an entire city built out of scrap cardboard.


Splendidhand can be counted on to make something work. 

Often a creative idea is plucked out of the ether with no thought given to how it can actually be achieved... and then it's up to someone else to make it conform to the laws of physics. Call Splendidhand- We'll make it happen!


Check out our Storyboard Gallery! 

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