On The Shoulders of Giants


This short film, created for the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, features a timeline of illustrations showing women who have beaten the odds stacked against them and made a real difference to society.

Splendidhand were asked to come up with a way of making a painting 'paint itself' without resorting to digital trickery. Cue days of experiments with wax, hydrophobic spray coatings, plasticene, glycerine and

gallon upon gallon of black ink. The final product was made using a series of laser-cut acrylic versions of my illustrations and a gently sloping river of ink poured on by the bucket-load.


The result ties a beguiling beauty to a truly thought-provoking execution.


Test 1.MaryWollestoncraft_texture

Early tests with Mary Wollestonecraft, black ink and hydrophobic coating


Sample Illustrations (L-R): Black Friday, Dagenham Ford Machinists Strike, Diane Abbott


Some Behind the Scenes shots; and some of the press the piece received.