Move Your Butt!


It's very rare that a client buys into the more 'out there' idea. In this case SEGA were totally on board with us re-creating their entire game in cardboard.

Placing ourselves in the mindset of an obsessed and resourceful Crazy Taxi fan, we lovingly harvested cardboard from all over Soho and glued our fingers to it with hot-melt in order to bring you a cheeky homage

to Crazy Taxi and a little reminder that, now SEGA have brought out Crazy Taxi: City Rush for your device, there really is no need to take over the house with a cardboard version.


Below is the shooting storyboard and also some behind the scenes shots of the set being created. It really was refreshing to actually do this one for real instead of resorting to digital trickery...

even though it did mean working all through the night trying to get the tricky truck-jump and swerve!

boards wip photos bts