Finally, Above are a few images of the gifts given to each speaker- a bespoke framed, comic-book style image, created from a kit of parts I Illustrated, followed by some in-situ shots of the work on show

during the expo.


The other, massive chunk of the project was to create an animated 'Welcome Video' to play once the attendees have taken their seats. The image above shows the holding screen of a revolving globe.


Below are a selection of scenes from the welcome video (Click on the thumbnails to see the images larger)


Money 2020


I was asked to produce a vast suite of illustrations for this massive Fintech Expo in Copenhagen, bringing together the greatest 'Superheroes of Fintech'. Alongside a series of printed presentation backdrops,

as set-dressing for the smaller presentations around the venue, I also created an animated background to be projected as the keynote speakers presented, showing a vast metropolis as the day turned into night.

The image above is an email ad used to remind attendees about the dates of the expo. Below are some earlier experiments with style.