Too Much Information


As part of the National Autistic Association's drive to expand understanding about autism; 'Until Everyone Understands' I was commissioned to create an Illustration to convey the idea of 'Too Much Information' - the sensory overload that can

contribute to a person with autism having a meltdown.


The Illustration took several forms (see at the bottom of the page) before arriving at the version above, and the 'Adult version' below- showing an adult protagonist in meltdown.

main image Adult boards

Alongside the Illustration (used in posters and on the web), the agency (Don't Panic) also created a hard-hitting first-person film (click here to watch it) which I was honoured to draw some key-frames for:

v1 v2

Below are two of the earlier incarnations of the illustration, produced for testing purposes


The illustration was also produced as an eye-catching large-scale lenticular piece mounted on the NAS premises in London.