The Truthful Phone - Storyboards


Written by Monty Python's Terry Jones, 'The Truthful Phone' started life as a short story, now BAFTA Nominated Director Carl Rock has turned it into a darkly comedic screenplay.

The script is in turns terrifying, hilarious, epic and slapstick, and this, coupled with the loving references to films such as 'The Dark Crystal' and 'Labyrinth' grabbed my attention when I was approached to draw some initial

storyboards and keyframes for the kickstarter to fund the film. Rock knew exactly what he wanted and trusted me to go wild with the mistiness of the Welsh Valleys and the grittiness of the story.


The kickstarter is here should you wish to know more and see the excellent creatures in action!

frame 1 Keyframe1.1 phoneframes

Keyframe: the cluttered and terrifying interior of murderous pensioner Mae Morrison's shed.

Local idiot and 'Crap Indiana Jones'; Idris steals the cursed box and tumbles down the side of a valley.

03t-shirt coblyn

T-shirt Concept