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More Than You Expect


London-based agency Feref came to me and asked if I would be able to design and illustrate a mural to be painted by the staff frequenting Vodafone's Dusseldorf campus, designed to show off Vodafone's excellent own-brand smart handsets and tablets.


'No problem' I said.


And then it got complicated: we needed a number of canvasses- all to be painted concurrently, which would encapsulate the theme of being 'More Than You Expect'- the canvasses would each be a frame of a simple animation to be converted into a gif, and time would be tight.


And then I threw the Droste effect (an endless zoom) into the mix


First, I had to come up with a suite of characters to embody the features of the handsets that Vodafone wanted to call out. Each had four frames in which to animate, so I decided upon a simple looping animation for each.



After testing the animation digitally, I decided to use the tried and tested 'Paint by Numbers' system so that everyone would paint the correct colour in the right place!

4G_rocket octopus smart_dolphin Feref_Voda+Smart_wall_Canvas1

All that remained was to go over to the campus and, in two intense days of painting featuring over 400 volunteers and gallons of acrylic, paint the four 5m wide canvasses....

With a little bit of digital trickery to enhance what we had created, the final works looked like this: