Web Security Films for Canon


I made these two installments of an educational web-security film for Canon's internal communications dept, pretty much on my own (with the final edit and sound design by James MaCavana), from writing the scripts, designing the characters and storyboarding to final illustration and animation. I can't show the final animations here just yet, but I wanted to show off some of the characters and backgrounds as it was such a lot of work! Above and below are some stills from the final animations.

can1 can2 can4 can3 can5

Below are some character sheets from the design of the bad guy for both films: Hackman!

And below are the hapless crew of other protagonists, all helped on their journey to web-safety by the, somewhat more intelligent and streetwise cactus, Spike.

Here we have a couple of concept pieces made whilst designing a deleted character- Encryptia, another baddie.