Part one of an overview of the huge amount of work I made for these animated shorts.



A little showcase of my various styles of reconstructing prehistoric animals



Some pitch-work illustrations that sadly didn’t go anywhere, but I’m very pleased with them nonetheless.


Legend of zelda: breath of the wild

A triptych of Illustrations inspired by the vast sprawling beauty of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


The Big Fish Off

A Big Fish Off requires a Big Image!


Monkey Shoulder Events

Full-colour Key-frame images to show how to put an event with Monkey Shoulder Whiskey



Armistice Day projection, St Magnus’ Cathedral, Orkney

Illustrations for a hard-hitting film loop, projected onto the facade of St Magnus’ cathedral, highlighting the unique and deep contribution the Orkneys made to Britain’s war effort.


Marvel’s Spiderman: Background Paintings

Chameleon time! Painted backgrounds from a teaser trailer for Disney XD’s Marvel’s Spiderman.


E4 Sting winter 2018

A dirty wee beastie I designed and animated for an E4 sting!


Greedy Inchworm

What happens when you simply have to eat everything you can see?!


The Future of meat

Four scenarios investigating this contentious issue…



Colourful storyboards for the collaboration/collision of SAMSUNG and Fashion Designer Katie Eary.



Four alternatives for the sequel to Red Bull's mountain-biking mobile game. 


HYUNDAI Animated Social Media Posts

Get out in the sun! 



It's Good to be Bad!


Dystopian Video Game Trailer

Atmospheric Keyframes for an unreleased trailer announcing a new Video Game IP.



Bright, fresh, keyframe images for Treatwell's very first online and TV adds.



This series of playful Horror movie pastiches was produced, using Benefit's signature colour palette and clean style, as an online asset to promote their range of brow bars and products.



A well-known automotive manufacturer tasked me with creating some animated cutscenes to book-end a short game designed to show off the technological advantages of their cars. They had a very clear style in mind and my task was to tell the story of the game.



A self-initiated series of digital black and white portraits of some great people.


Money 2020

I was asked to produce a vast suite of illustrations for this massive Fintech Expo in Copenhagen, bringing together the greatest 'Superheroes of Fintech'. Alongside a series of printed presentation backdrops, as set-dressing for the smaller presentations around the venue, I also created an animated background to be projected as the keynote speakers presented, showing a vast metropolis as the day turned into night.



Some jobs are just pure pleasure, even if the turnaround time is non-existent. These title cards for up and coming audiobook/podcast Once Upon a Time in Zombieville was one such job.


VODAFONE: More Than You Expect

London-based agency Feref came to me and asked if I would be able to design and illustrate a mural to be painted by the staff frequenting Vodafone's Dusseldorf campus, designed to show off Vodafone's excellent own-brand smart handsets and tablets.

'No problem' I said.

And then it got complicated: we needed a number of canvasses- all to be painted concurrently, which would encapsulate the theme of being 'More Than You Expect'- the canvasses would each be a frame of a simple animation to be converted into a gif, and time would be tight.

And then I threw the Droste effect (an endless zoom) into the mix



For Gun and For Glory!

This Russian Socialist propaganda inspired, Red, White and Black key art helped add an extra dimension to nDream's GearVR shooter 'Gunner'.

The final look, initially rolled out for Keyart soon came to inform the whole asset-suite and give the viewer glimpses of backstory.



This was a good fun piece of Digital Painting, trying to make the bare-bones game character into an engaging and fun Alien Goat!  The whole thing was built from scratch and painted in Photoshop


Crazy Taxi:City Rush

Move Your Butt!

It's very rare that a client buys into the more 'out there' idea. In this case SEGA were totally on board with us re-creating their entire game in cardboard. Placing ourselves in the mindset of an obsessed and resourceful Crazy Taxi fan, we lovingly harvested cardboard from all over Soho and glued our fingers to it with hot-melt in order to bring you a cheeky homage to Crazy Taxi and a little reminder that, now SEGA have brought out Crazy Taxi: City Rush for your device, there really is no need to take over the house with a cardboard version.



Splendidhand were asked to come up with a way of making a painting 'paint itself' without resorting to digital trickery. Cue days of experiments with wax, hydrophobic spray coatings, plasticene, glycerine and gallon upon gallon of black ink.

The final product was made using a series of laser-cut acrylic versions of my illustrations and a gently sloping river of ink poured on by the bucket-load.

The result ties a beguiling beauty to a truly thought-provoking execution



This, now sadly defunct project, was intended to become an in-depth animated sit-com. I was tasked to design the cast of characters, prep them for animation and also storyboard the scripts.



I made these two instalments of an educational web-security film for Canon's internal communications dept, pretty much on my own (with the final edit and sound design by James MaCavana), from writing the scripts, designing the characters and storyboarding to final illustration and animation. I can't show the final animations here just yet, but I wanted to show off some of the characters and backgrounds as it was such a lot of fun/work!


Zoe and Samuel's Climate Calamities.

This short series of light-hearted comic-style animations was created in collaboration with Don't Panic London for Save The Children to highlight the effects of climate change around the world.

I designed the characters of a young girl and her canine companion, Zoe and Samuel respectively, who blunder their way towards a better understanding of the problems posed by climate change and how to make their voices heard by the various world leaders and influential figures, all attending the COP21 conference in Paris. Each scenario featured an animated second panel which featured hand-drawn elements animated by myself with a very tight turnaround indeed.